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Responding to the Census – You Have Options!

The world has rapidly changed over the past decade – and how you can respond to the U.S. census has changed as well. You already know why you should fill out the census – it helps to fund things like…

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How Your Census Response Impacts Children

You might be familiar with the census that takes place every 10 years, but are you familiar with how your responses can impact children? The census determines funding for education, food and medical programs -- all of which are critical…

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Census Data Impacts Food Assistance Programs

Hunger is a serious issue across the country –– with nearly 14.3 million households in the United States considered food insecure in 2018. In those households are more than 11 million children who live in uncertainty of when they’ll see…

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Babies and Small Children Count, Too

Newborn babies and children under age five – the youngest and most vulnerable among us – are often undercounted during the census because it’s not always easy to identify where they live. Many live with large, extended families or with…

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Census 2020: Every Child Counts. Every Child Wins!

All children need safe and healthy communities that allow them to thrive. And counting young children in the 2020 census is a critical first step toward building safe, healthy communities because population statistics determine the funding that each state receives…

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