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Responding to the Census – You Have Options!

The world has rapidly changed over the past decade – and how you can respond to the U.S. census has changed as well.

You already know why you should fill out the census – it helps to fund things like school lunches, medical care and education programs. It’s just nine questions and takes less than 10 minutes. But did you know you have several options when it comes to responding?

Back in April, you should have received an invitation in the mail to fill out the census online using your census ID. You also should have received a few reminder pieces inviting you to visit – a quick, easy and secure way to complete the census. You can fill out the census online by using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Once you begin filling out the census, you won’t be able to pause or save your progress, so you will need to complete it in one sitting. You will want to have your census ID ready, but if you don’t have it, don’t worry – you can still fill it out by using your home address. Before you are done, double-check that the form is complete and that you have received a confirmation note on your screen. Get facts about filling it out online by viewing this resource page.

You also can complete the nine questions by phone – and in the language of your choice. To fill out the census by phone, call 800-330-2020. Learn more about filling out the census by phone here.

Prefer to fill out the census by mail? If you didn’t complete the census online or over the phone, you should have received a paper census form. Simply fill it out and mail it back to the address on the return envelope. Learn more about the paper census here.

No matter how you fill out the census, be sure to do it. Your answers help to secure funding for resources for your family and community over the next 10 years. Tomorrow’s future is in your hands.

When Everyone Counts, Everyone Wins!

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